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Anxiety Global helps you build a positive relationship with your anxiety. We provide Anxiety Education & Awareness. We teach methods to relieve the symptoms of anxiety quickly and effectively. You CAN manage your anxiety!

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Anxiety Global believes that when you strengthen your mental fitness, anxiety becomes a positive tool for your overall mental wellness and happiness.  As you learn Anxiety Global Methods, you will develop your unique mental fitness routine to establish consistent wellbeing and mindfulness.  You will recognize your anxiety as a sensitivity that aligns your mind, body, and spirit to benefit your overall health.  You CAN have a positive relationship with your anxiety!

Beth Tuttle, Wellness Practitioner along with Jennifer Wilson, ACC Professional Coach created the Anxiety Global education platform to combine their coaching, educating, and passions for mental fitness.  Beth and Jennifer believe that reducing anxiety starts with conscious mental exercises done daily.  The methods are easy, staying consistent is hard.  Anxiety Global is committed to changing that.  Beth and Jennifer focus on continually bringing you a variety of methods in anxiety relief for your continued success.  The goal is for YOU to manage your anxiety versus anxiety managing you.

“Everytime I missed a shot in basketball, I would get so in my head.  Then I kept missing and would be pulled from the game.  I started working with the tools and it  helps.  I can do the EFT tapping during the game and no one even notices.”


Detroit, Michigan, Age 16

“I have had so much trouble with sleeping and often felt like I was in a brain fog during the day.  The tools have been so easy to learn and it has really worked to relax me so that I can fall asleep more easily and if I do wake up, I can use the tools again to fall back to sleep.  It’s made a huge difference, I feel more like myself again”


Zurich, Switzerland, Age 45

“My anxiety shows up through tears.  I can cry so hard that I hyperventilate and then it’s a full blown panic attack.  The tools taught me to use my tears to release the anxiety and when I’m not fighting back the tears, I often avoid an attack.”


Austin, Texas, Age 32